Sorry i diddnt get aorund to posting a cartoon yesterday but had to spend quality time with the family. How about this one Felix the cat the wonderful wonderful cat>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Betty Boop Betty Boop Betty Betty Betty Boop>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Betty Boop

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Its a bird its a plane no its SuperMan>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hey if you like it leave comments or just tell me what you would like to see. I do take requests


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Hi guys i guess you can see i like cartoons and i love classic cartoons. This site is dedicated to all those old cartoons from way back when. I will not only talk about them but i will let you view the entire cartoon right from my blog. So come back often and watch some quality video. OK enough of all the talk how about Bugs Bunny>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Fresh Hare

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Hello world!

Enjoy yourself most of my videos use the Quicktime pluggin you can get it for FREE @

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